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Why partner with Entia?

Entia is experienced in the development and deployment of novel self-testing blood analysers, apps and digital health solutions that integrate seamlessly with healthcare systems.

We work with some of the most recognised names from the life sciences and healthcare sector to develop and deliver next-generation cancer care.

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Partnership opportunities

Entia offers the opportunity to deliver patient-centric care through a range of virtual oncology solutions. Combining patient-focused design, innovative technology, and cutting-edge medical science, we deliver adaptable and comprehensive virtual oncology solutions that unlock the full potential of cancer treatments.

Our partnerships in the life science sector help support patients where the burden of living with cancer is significant and impacts their life daily.

Anthony, Business Development, Entia

Pharmaceutical partnerships

Improved delivery of systemic anti-cancer therapy

Tailored services to minimise the need for routine in-person appointments, enhancing the patient experience.

Streamlined clinical services and data-generated insights that enable healthcare to adopt innovative therapies.

Research and development

Innovative solutions to closely monitor patient health and their response to therapies throughout clinical trials.

Safe and effective tools to deliver decentralised clinical trials to cope with the rising cost and complexity of R&D.

We work closely with providers to understand their clinical realities and maximise the benefits of our solutions.

Jennifer, Clinical Project Manager, Entia

Healthcare providers

Redefining the delivery of cancer care

The future success of cancer care depends on healthcare’s ability to efficiently use finite resources to improve patient quality of life and outcomes.

Our virtual oncology solutions enable healthcare partners to deliver the highest quality of personalised care based on unique insights.

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